Fellow Tablers, Welcome to Dordrecht!

Founded in 1949, but only in 2011 we organized the first ever Euromeeting in Dordrecht. A fantastic weekend that we still look back on with great pleasure.

Now, nine years later, we hope to welcome our fellow international Tablers of Round Table 23 and their partners for yet another great Euromeeting in our beautiful city.

See you in 2020, see you in Dordrecht!

We like to party!

Euromeeting 2020 Schedule

Arrival & registration

Welcome to Dordrecht!

Home parties

Get to know your hosts, dresscode casual.


Kick-off party Euromeeting 2020, dresscode casual.

Mayor speech

Because we just love formal activities, dresscode casual

Presidents meeting

The best president is intelligent, well-educated and a little drunk, dresscode suit, tie & pin.

Dordrecht tour

Bring your training wheels, dresscode casual (outdoor activity).

Outdoor activities

Bring your swimming suit.

Gala dinner

Let's eat, drink, speech & party, dresscode black-tie.

Goodbye brunch

Time to go, tears will flow.

The beautiful city of Dordrecht

Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland and has a rich history and culture. It is the fourth-largest city of the province, with a population of 118,450. The municipality covers the entire Dordrecht Island, also often called Het Eiland van Dordt ("the Island of Dordt"), bordered by the rivers Oude Maas, Beneden Merwede, Nieuwe Merwede, Hollands Diep, and Dordtsche Kil.

Slide through Memory lane...

Pricing & Information

Early bird

Early bird fee


Valid until 30 June 2019

Regular fee

Regular fee


Registration closes 30 april 2020


Euromeeting 2020 Registration

Use the form below to register for the Euromeeting 2020. Do you want to register a complete group? Please download this form and send it to .